Nobody knows your personal spirituality better than you. Nobody understands what symbols and images will speak to you clearly. This workshop will help bring your inner wisdom into an exterior tool! By the end of the class you will have designed and created your own personal oracle consisting of 20 casting times and a 56 card deck. Not an artist? Not to worry! This class is especially geared toward the creatively-phobic, yet oracular-curious. We’ll walk you through each step to insure that by the end of the class you will have one stunning new oracle to divine with.

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The course consists of two classes.

In our first meeting we’ll take you through a process of easy to follow steps on how to create your tool. We’ll explore accessing your inner guidance and spirit guides to find the most useful symbols to add to your oracle. We’ll explore how to use a list of provided questions and prompts to help shape your oracle and find great ways to make sure it is clear, accurate and complete. We’ll cover techniques and approaches on how to handle the actual making of your oracle so it will endure all the Loveland question you can send its way.

Don’t worry, no artistic skill is required. Anyone can do this! We’ll provide plenty of easy to follow resources to help you assemble images from a wide selection of really cool art. We’ll also show you how to incorporate images you find on your own. All images cover a wide range of topics and are super easy to transfer onto the kit’s casting tiles.

Between classes we’ll take a one month working break to give you time to build your complete oracle kit. However we want to stay connected during that time! To do this we’ll open a private Facebook page to support your oracle’s completion by making it a space to offer tips, share your progress and answer any questions you have along the journey.

In our second meeting we’ll put our finished oracles to the test and dig into how we can divine with them. We’ll give you clear and accessible instructions on the variety of ways you can work with your new tools. How to ask good questions. How to find clear answers. And how to find them when you feel stuck are just a few of the things we will cover in this second class.

The kit consists of items for building and divining with your personal oracle

  • 20 blank wooden tiles
  • 56 sturdy blank cards
  • A casting cloth already filled with useful symbols
  • A tin to hold your oracle
  • Permanent markers with which to enhance your oracle
  • A printable list of questions and prompts to aid you in the creation of your oracle
  • Printable images and instructions on how to apply them to your tiles
  • Bonus – online access to Andrew’s sigil course to help you expand your thinking about the creation of divinatory symbols

Live classes are October 13th and November 13th at 3pm eastern time. (90 minute classes)

This class has a limited number of spaces to keep it focused and manageable.
The kits are not available separate from the class.
International deadline to allow shipping is September 21st.
US deadline to allow shipping is September 28th.

Cost $250 USD plus shipping. Generous payment plans available below. Please join us. We love to create an oracle with you!


$250 plus $10 shipping US


$250 plus $10 shipping US (4 payments of $65)

US 3 payments of $87

US 2 payments of $130


$250 plus $22 shipping International


$250 plus $22 shipping International (4 payments of $68)

International 3 payments of $91

International 2 payments of $136

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